Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scrapbooking and Why I Find it Difficult to Teach

Hi Stampers!

 I want to show you what I was working on this last week. My oldest granddaughter, Belle, came to town a while back to go to "Beauty and the Beast" at our community theater. She was SO excited about going. I wanted to create a few scrapbook pages to remember the event. This is the first page. Getting ready and waiting. I know...we are told to "limit the number of photos" of an event. OK. Which one of these would I eliminate? The many faces of Belle as she anticipates the evening. 
 Showing me her dress and me telling her she looks like a princess and needs a tiara. Sitting with feet in the bathroom sink to don her crown.
 Then planning on patiently waiting...I had to fussy cut out the big chair she was sitting in to wait.
 Posing for photos for Grammy.
Getting a bit impatient....  You can click on the photo to see what I wrote. There is no "template or design" that I can teach to do a page like this. Tomorrow's two page spread tells so much more of the story. Be sure to stop back by.
Happy Stampin'!

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