Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wish List Time



Tired of getting blenders, yard tools and fuzzy slippers for Christmas when what you really want is a BIG SHOT or some stamp pads?
You know your hubby and other family members have NO IDEA what you’re talking about when you throw out words like DSP or Versamark! So here’s your chance to get what you want!

  • Email me at with a list of the things YOU would love to receive this year. It’s a WISH list NOT an ORDER! :) Feel free to include "gift certificate" on your list too.
  • Include your name and address and the people you want to receive your wish list. I’ll need their phone number OR their email address OR their home address.
  • I, your own personal "elf," will contact your gift-givers and let them know that you are my customer and that these are some things you have mentioned to me that you would like.  Don’t worry! I won’t harrass or bother them! Just an elf-call with a list. 
  • Your loved ones will receive free gift wrapping and card/tag for your gift for FREE!

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