Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shaving Cream Technique with a Twist...

Hi Stampers!

Today I want to show you a card I made a long time ago but recently had a request for 2 more so, as I was making them I took these photos to show you. The colors I am using are In Colors from ’08-’09 so are retired now however, this can be done with any group of ink and cardstock colors. I used the shaving cream technique followed by embossing with iridescent ice embossing powder.

The supplies needed:

Shaving cream, re-inkers (I used three), plenty of paper towels, a non-precious surface (that you do not care if it gets ink on it), a putty knife, a skewer and card stock.

Start by squirting a moderate amount of shaving cream on your surface. (I used an old cutting board). Then, use your putty knife to smooth it our over the surface.

Next, put several drops of re-inkers onto the shave cream.

Sink your skewer (or popsicle stick) into the shave cream and drag it back and forth.

Make swirling motions in the shave cream. Avoid stirring too much to avoid mixing the inks and causing a “muddy” colored mixture. When it looks about like this, lay a piece of Whisper White card stock (about ½ sheet) onto the top of the shave cream. Be sure to pat the paper all over to insure proper coverage.

Once you are certain the shave cream is all over your card stock, lift off and place on a paper towel with your clean putty knife handy.

Scrape the shaving cream from the card stock using your putty knife.

You can re-use the same shave cream as it is or, you can opt to add a few more drops of color and swirl. Again, avoid stirring too much.

Here is a photo of the three sheets of card stock I made with this one blob of shave cream. Each one will come out differently. The far right piece is the first one and the middle one is the last. You can see how with more stirring, there are some areas already starting to get mixed and muddy looking.

Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the embossing process. However, I will tell you the steps I used…

Cut the card stock to the size wanted (for this card I cut it 2”x 5”).

Apply Versamark to the entire piece of card stock using the direct to paper method.

Apply Iridescent Ice embossing powder and, using the heat tool, heat until it melts.

Now the piece is ready to use on your card.

I matted it by first gluing it to the mat then securing with brads in the corners.

Please email me with any questions or if you would like to book a workshop for me to demonstrate this process for you.

Happy Stampin’,


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  1. Such a fun technique and looks so cool and interesting. Love your color scheme; thank you for giving clear directions with great photos to follow.~Gayla