Friday, September 17, 2010

Founder's Circle 2010

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Hi Stampers!!
So sorry it has taken me this long to blog my first (and second) day but, I had no way of getting my photos from my camera to my computer last night. Went out to Best Buy today and got the "fix" for it. So, above you will see the front doors of the hotel when we arrived. Just to prove I got here...
Here I am in front of the hotel. Notice the "halo" around my head. :-)
My door was labeled with an old record "Fabulous" (fifties) is the theme
 Here is my room (all to myself)
And, here is the view from my window.
Going back downstairs, here is the lobby where there was lunch waiting...a sort of buffet. Everyone was just eating and chatting.
Here is Lynsay Mahon with Diana Gibbs
And Tiffany Bauer showing off the candy apples waiting for us.
Of course there were sweets!!
Here are Susan Wood, LeeAnn Greff, Barb Mullikin and Anne Brown working on their SWAPS for Friday night. I am SO fortunate to have mine finished already. A big THANK YOU, to all of you that helped get mine finished up and labeled!! 
Next, we were met by the most AWESOME "soda jerk" I have ever seen! Bonnie Thurber from SU training dept.
Each had their name on their hat. 
We were asked to find our name tag with a scarf attached that we were to wear to the evening meal. Mine was a corel color.
Then we were met by another soda jerk, Kori. She is from the marketing department at SU. She was the queen of candy apple cutting!! The following pictures are self explanatory. Remember the photos from convention of at the Sweet Shop goodies? Well, here they are...with REAL SWEETS!!!!! 
And, here is Sherill Graff, our upline's upline's upline.
That is all I have time for tonight. Must get some sleep. I do the WOW presentation tomorrow morning and have to be on the bus by 7:20a.m.
I miss all of you and wish you were here with me! 
More tomorrow...

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