Sunday, August 1, 2010

Single Layer Cards from Convention 2010

by Kim Fry
Hi Stampers!
Tonight I want to share some of my SINGLE LAYER swaps from convention. This was an organized SWAP (versus general, on the floor swapping). Here is a look at  a few of my favorites along with mine at the end. If you remember, I posted all the single layer swaps from our South Texas Big Shot Group Gathering last month but mine was not included. Why? Because it was going to convention with me for this swap! 

Remember as you look at these amazing cards that they are all just a single layer! 

This next card is by Jackie Topa
Below: by Barbara Vogt
Next: by Dana Wilkerson 
Next card: by Dina Anker
Following card by: Sherrie Ceja
Next card by: Robyn Morris
Finally, my card for the single layer swap, below
Now, after seeing all these cards, is anyone interested in learning how to do single layer cards? If so, would you like on-line tutorials on my blog or would you like to come to a class and actually make a couple cards in each class? Please leave comments. (If you do not have a google account, you may not be able to post comments. Sign up, however, is free.)  If you are unable to post comments, please feel free to email me your ideas. 

More Convention postings will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead. Keep checkin' in! 
Happy Stampin'! 

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