Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hi Stampers!!
I bet ya'll are wondering where in the world I have been.  Not blogging, right?!? Right. I have been re-doing my stamping space. It will be done a little at a time. My son drew up plans for a custom made cabinet to house my new style punches, rollers, paper, supplies, Big Shot, Circle Scissor Plus and dies. That cabinet was built and installed about two weeks ago.

Two weekends ago, my son Michael and his wife, Tracey, came down to Victoria from Houston to make the counter top for this cabinet. It is sort of an experimental counter top. You see, it is going to be a Cobalt Blue concrete countertop. It ended up to be a TOTAL FAMILY AFFAIR. Here are some photos of us on the day we poured the counter top.
                          Michael and I are putting small blue glass stones into the framework he built.
 Then, we added some small glass aggregate.  These will (hopefully) show on the top of the counter once it is finished.

This is a sideways view of him adding the Cobalt blue die to the concrete.

It took "all hands on deck" when it was time to actually pour the concrete. Here are my husband and my oldest son Pablo helping get the concrete from the mixer.

Here I am getting instructions to work the concrete around the suspended rebar. Then, (below) my daughter-in-law, Tracey, and I are working the concrete in, trying to eliminate air pockets while my oldest son, Pablo is getting ready to vibrate the air bubbles out of it.

The excess concrete was poured into some small square frames to make paving stones. My husband, Pablo and I are working on smoothing out the surface and vibrating air bubbles out of the concrete.

This past weekend, while I was with my daughter in Chicago, IL and Iowa visiting family, Michael and Tracey were back and broke the form work away and sanded the top. After sanding, a "slurry" mix was applied. This will have to be sanded and perhaps more applied until, finally, a sealer will be put on and buffed to a shine. I will post the finished product as soon as it is finished. I am SO EXCITED about this!! Thanks for being patient with me, not blogging cards for a week or more. Will try to get something posted later this week.

Happy Stampin'!

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