Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phoenix - Registration Day

Hello Stampers!

As you know, I am at Stampin' Up!'s leadership in Phoenix. Today we got registered, shopped at momento mall and did "Make-n-Takes". Wanted to share a couple of photos with you however, because of some serious computer issues, I am just sending this one. It is a photo of the ladies at my table at the Make-n-Take session. I will do my best to add more photos tomorrow...well, actually, later today. I hope this computer cooperates with me better tomorrow!
Thinking of you all and trying to gather as many great ideas as I can to bring home to you!
Happy Stampin',


  1. Hope that you are having lots of fun. Look forward to seeing what you bring back.

  2. So glad all is well in "leadership world"; and so excited for you and Janell. Have fun for me. I know the ideas and information you will have for us will be terrific.~Gayla

  3. Just wait until I am retired from teaching next year, Judy, and I will be joining you. But in a twist of was cancelled for snow on both Thursday and Friday (today)! I could have been in warm Phoenix and not missed anything back here in Iowa! Arghhh!